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FREE Nutrition Training:

“Why What We Eat and Drink Each Day Matters”


Find out more about foods that promote health, and foods that promote disease in this short, two-part information-sharing presentation.

Here in Part One, we cover a diet that promotes health.

Here in Part Two, we cover the Standard American Diet and how this way of eating leads to poor immune function and chronic disease – which we all want to avoid!

I hope you’ll join me for a few foundational principles of a Health-Promoting Diet, and how to avoid a common Disease-Promoting Diet in this short, two-part information-sharing presentation.


A Healthy Body Requires Certain


Are you getting the nutrients your body needs?


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Nutrition Counselor
Meet Teresa...


Hi, and welcome to my website! My name is Terri, I live in the sunny state of Texas with my husband, our son, and White West Highland Terrier. 


My interest in nutrition began many years ago when I struggled with my weight and health. 


This created a desire to learn more about the diet (which just means what we choose to eat and drink) and the lifestyle factors that play a role in overall health and wellness. 


I decided that a formal education in Nutrition was the path for me, and obtained my MS in Holistic Nutrition from the American College of Healthcare Sciences. 


Today, it is my pleasure to work with individuals and groups through my company Eat 4 Health Nutrition Counseling, LLC, providing information and support that helps you make the food, beverage, and lifestyle choices that move you toward your health goals.

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