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About Teresa

About Teresa
Teresa is a AFPA Certified Nutritionist
Teresa is a Certified Metabolic Balance Coach
Teresa is a Functional Blood Chemistry Anaylsis Specialist
My Story


After receiving my undergraduate degree (B.B.A. Business Administration and Management), I gained professional work experience in administration, managing various investments for a small life insurance company, and credit analysis at a large company in Philadelphia, PA.  After a move south to Virginia, I took a position with a non-profit organization as a credit counselor.


These positions afforded me the opportunity to gain experience as an analyst and counselor, working both with individuals and groups.


After a period spent at home raising our two children, I became aware that feeling well and sustaining a healthy weight was a challenge.  This realization encouraged me to pursue a formal education in Nutrition, and I obtained my MS in Holistic Nutrition with Honors from the American College of Healthcare Sciences.


My formal education encompassed information such as the structure and function of the human body, current theories, and best practices in holistic nutrition, and appropriate holistic nutrition protocols for clients, consumers, and the public.  My education, coupled with my experience as an analyst and counselor, has prepared me to work with individuals and groups, informing and supporting clients to gain greater overall health and wellness.


I believe that learning is a lifelong endeavor, and I continue to research and obtain credentials that will support my clients, such as my certification through the American Fitness Professionals & Associates, studies on Nutrition for Diabetes, Cognitive Decline, & Alzheimer's through the Korn Institute, certification as a Metabolic Balance® coach, and, my functional blood chemistry analysis specialist credential from ACHS.


I formed Eat 4 Health Nutrition Counseling, LLC as a consulting business through which I provide individual and group nutrition consultation and education, and it would be my pleasure to assist you on your wellness journey.


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