This BWELL” 6-Week Group Challenge is designed for women with weight loss plans.

After the year that we’ve had, supporting each other is more important than ever -so, I’m offering this 6-Week “BWELL” group challenge free of charge!

Although this Challenge is completely “free of charge” there is a cost in terms of time, effort, and commitment to complete the challenge.

How do you know if this challenge is right for you?

If you are a woman with weight loss plans who is curious about:

  • how the food you eat impacts your health and weight

  • how different types of movement can improve your health and weight

  • how having a purpose can motivate and keep you resilient

  • how positive relationships affect overall wellness

  • and how sleep plays a role in your overall health


then this challenge may be for you!

This “BWELL” Group Challenge begins on February 15th, 2021, and runs through March 28th, 2021 with 6 spots available.

You’ll find more details by clicking the link below…

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