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"BWELL" 6-Week Group Challenge

  • 6Weeks
  • 16Steps


This program helps you begin using simple shifts in your food, daily movement, and mindset to improve your overall health Eating nutrient-dense whole foods provides the body with the building blocks for health and healing Regular movement helps us use stored energy, produce healing factors, and move out toxins And, creating a mindset that builds resilience will help keep us motivated and on the path to healing The BWELL 28-Day Group Challenge meal plan has been designed for women who want to achieve a healthy body weight Here’s what’s included in the “B-WELL” Group Challenge: Online group meeting, via teleconference, to review the Challenge details One-page guide to help direct through each of the five challenge areas Pre-28-Day Challenge Information that guides you through preparations for the month ahead List of Pantry Items for the month ahead Weekly Details for each of the five challenge areas (Food, Movement, Purpose, Others, Rest) Weekly Shopping Lists supporting the suggested meal plans Weekly Examples of Movement Types to be incorporated, with pictures Meal Plan Examples with recipes for each day of the 28-Day Challenge Activity Instructions to guide through “Pantry Clean-Up” and “Fermentation Basics” Six weekly, evidence-based, mini-lessons with PowerPoint presentations Closed “BWELL” Facebook Group access designed for supporting each participant

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