Enzymes are Essential for Digestion and Gut Health

Foods contain digestive enzymes

Enzymes help keep metabolic pathways flowing

Enzymes are proteins produced in the body, created to regulate and speed up the chemical reactions that keep our metabolic pathways flowing and support life (1). The enzymes in our body help do things like break down food particles during digestion, build muscle, and destroy toxins.

Proper functioning of the digestive system requires certain enzymes, which are produced mainly in the pancreas, stomach, and small intestine, but even our salivary glands produce digestive enzymes that help break down food while we chew (1).

Three main digestive enzymes

The three main types of digestive enzymes are amylase which breaks down the carbohydrates that we eat into simple sugars, lipase which breaks down fats and oils into glycerol and fatty acids, and protease which breaks down the proteins into their smaller parts, the amino acids.

The body can have trouble producing the needed enzymes if the o