Southwestern Chicken Bowl with Veggies & Rice

#Southwestern Chicken Bowl with Veggies & Rice

Creating healthy meals can be quick and easy, especially if you are making use of “extras” from previous meals. For example, when cooking a meal that includes meat or rice, cook a bit extra and store it in the refrigerator for later in the week.

Using the “extras” from previous meals is an easy way to fix a quick, healthy dinner for those busy weekday evening meals or for packing lunches.

One of our meals this week was a delicious and nutritious meal that incorporated those “extras.”

I used the previously made southwestern chicken and sprouted organic California rice (from Trader Joes) to create a quick meal for the family. Combining the chicken and rice with oven-roasted sweet potatoes and broccoli, and sliced avocado we quickly had a healthy weekday meal.

For another take on creating a chicken and veggie bowl, you can go here to find one that helps you prep for weekly lunches in about 30 minutes:


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