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Vegetable Spring Rolls

Summer is over, and the kids are back in school, or soon will be for many families. Some evenings are filled with activity, and many of us need a quick, easy, and nutritious dinner for the family.

One simple meal that is new to our family is the Vegetable Spring Roll. After trying a version of the spring roll in a restaurant, I decided this could be a fast, easy meal to add to our go-to list for busy nights.

I found brown rice wrappers at Natural Grocers and assembled each roll by dipping each wrapper in warm water, lay flat, filled with my ingredients, and rolled. It’s that simple, and it is delicious! I chopped up some cucumber, carrots, avocado, herbs (oregano and basil), spiral cut some zucchini and cooked up some black rice (a good source of protein, iron, and high in anti-oxidants) to fill each wrapper.

Dipping sauces can be used, or you can enjoy them with a bit of organic soy sauce*.

A version that your kids may appreciate can be found here:

*Remember, whenever using soy products, be sure you are using organic, or Non-GMO soy.


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