Spring Vegetable Soup

Spring Vegetable Soup

soup...the perfect quick meal for busy weeknights or relaxed weekends

Springtime has arrived, although in many parts of our country it may not feel that way just yet, so I thought we would welcome springtime with a healthy, flavorful, and hearty spring vegetable soup.

Soup can be the perfect quick meal for busy weeknights or relaxed weekends, especially when we use lots of nutrient-dense vegetables that provide our bodies with the building blocks they need while helping us to feel full and satisfied.

This soup boasts spring vegetables like green onion, kale, garlic, leeks, parsley, and cauliflower, but feel free to add other spring veggies like chard, fennel, and snap peas to make it your own.

Health benefits of consuming this soup

Leeks (Allium porrum L) are a vegetable of the allium species like onions and garlic, and are low in calories but high in vitamins and minerals. Leeks are high in beta carotene, which the body can convert into vitamin A for healthy vision, immune function, and proper structure and maintenance of organs like the heart, lungs, and kidneys (1). They are also a good source of vitamin K, important for blood clotting, bone metabolism, and heart health (