Beef Goulash with Eggplant & Squash

As the days get shorter and the weather cools, many of us will be wanting quick, healthy dinner recipes that satisfy, and this beef goulash can accomplish that for us!

Goulash is a Hungarian term used to describe a soup or stew that consists of meat, vegetables, and seasonings like paprika.

Here are some health benefits of consuming this simple yet hearty beef goulash.

Beef is a quality dietary source of complete protein (all essential amino acids) necessary for proper growth and maintenance of the body (1). Beef is composed of primarily protein and fats, with mostly saturated and monounsaturated fats, but also contains a specific fat called conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) that has been linked to health benefits like weight loss and enhanced insulin sensitivity which can lead to improvements for those with type 2 diabetes (2). Beef is also an excellent source of essential vitamins like vitamin B3, B6, and vitamin B12 which is necessary for the proper function of the nervous system, red blood cell formation, and DNA synthesis (