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Chicken Piccata Recipe

Simple, light, and delicious!

Here’s a simple, quick recipe that won’t disappoint your taste buds on a lazy summer day.

And, although quick and easy, this recipe offers nutrition that helps keep us healthy and enjoying the sunny summer days.

Health Benefits of this Dish

Chicken, a popular animal protein that is low in calories is high in protein which the body needs for building and repairing body tissue and maintaining muscle mass (1).

The amount of protein an individual needs each day will vary depending on factors such as age, physical activity level, and the person's health status. The current RDA for daily dietary protein is 0.8 grams/kg of body weight, however, this recommendation is the minimum amount necessary to keep you from becoming unwell, not necessarily what you will need to consume for health each day (2).

Protein is a satiating macronutrient that will help to keep you feeling full longer which can help with weight loss goals and correcting metabolic imbalances in the body (3).

Consuming a high-quality protein in each of the three daily meals, breakfast, lunch, and dinner, is said to stimulate muscle protein synthesis at about 25-30 grams of protein per meal playing an important role in building muscle and preserving function (4).

Chicken is also a great source of other essential nutrients such as B vitamins, like B3, B6, and B12 which are important for energy metabolism, DNA synthesis and repair, methylation, and proper immune function (5).

Selenium, a trace mineral also found in chicken, acts as a powerful antioxidant, supports proper immune function as well as the thyroid gland, improves blood flow, and boosts fertility (6).

Olives (Olea europaea L.) are drupes, or stone fruits, that are low in carbohydrates and high in fat. About 74% of the fat in olives is oleic acid, a monounsaturated fatty acid linked to health benefits like reduced inflammation, a decreased risk for heart disease, and reduced abdominal fat (7).

High in vitamin E, olives provide antioxidant support that protects us from chronic health conditions like heart disease and cancer, balances cholesterol, reduces inflammation, and protects our skin (8).

Olives are also a good source of minerals like iron, copper, and calcium to help transport oxygen and nutrients throughout the body, create energy and build bone, muscle, and support nerve function (9).

Phytochemicals like oleuropein, hydroxytyrosol, oleanolic acid, and quercetin are found in olives, providing us protection from free radical damage as they act as antioxidants and lower blood pressure, and have anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, and neuroprotective functions in the body (10).

Chicken Piccata Recipe:

1 Lb. chicken tenders pounded
¼ cup onion, minced
2 cloves garlic, minced
1 ½ cups broth (vegetable or chicken)
¼ cup green olives, chopped
3 tbsp. coconut oil, divided
1 tsp. coconut flour
2 tbsp. lemon juice
sea salt, and black pepper to taste


Salt and pepper the pounded chicken. In a large skillet, heat 1 ½ tbsp. coconut oil and cook the chicken over medium-high heat until browned (about 2-4 minutes on each side). Remove the chicken from the pan and add the remaining coconut oil to the pan, saute the onion and garlic for about 1 minute. Whisk in the broth and flour and simmer until thickened (about 2-3 minutes). Remove from the heat and add the lemon juice and olives, stir to combine. Pour the sauce over the chicken and serve. (Serves 4)

This recipe pairs nicely with green beans almondine or a light salad like Dr. Masley’s Sicilian Orange Salad, which you can find here.

Here’s another quick chicken dish (I suggest using avocado oil in place of the canola, and leaving out the honey 😉)

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