-Homemade School Lunch versus Lunchables-

Homemade School Lunch - Quick & Easy

For many of us, August is a back-to-school month, which means that our children will be eating at least one meal each day during the week away from home. What our children eat matters. The food that they consume each day can help their bodies to grow and develop properly, or it can become an obstacle that leads to disease down the road.

Much of what is consumed on The Standard American Diet today is highly-processed, convenience foods that tend to be more energy-dense, and nutrient-deficient. These are pre-made, packaged foods like breakfast cereal, potato chips, ramen noodles, granola bars, and Lunchables.

Let’s take a look at which lunch is more likely to support the proper growth and development of our child’s body, a homemade lunch (with similar ingredients) or a Lunchable.