-In-Season versus Out-of-Season Fruits and Veggies-


With summer in full swing, and the increased availability of fresh fruits and vegetables in our area, I began to think about the benefits and limitations of consuming fruits and vegetables in-season, and out-of-season.

Plants contain chemical compounds called polyphenols that occur naturally. These polyphenols defend the plant from UV radiation and pathogens that would harm the plant. Studies suggest that when an individual consumes these plant compounds or polyphenols such as flavonoids and tannins, they convey protection against various chronic diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and cancer.

The health benefits conveyed through plant polyphenols are just one reason to consume fruits and vegetables regularly in the diet.

But, does eating a fruit or vegetable that is in-season versus out-of-season convey further benefits? Let’s take a look…