-Obesogens versus Willpower-

Can Chemicals that we Consume be Preventing us from Losing those Excess Pounds?

#MSG as an obesogen

This blog post will be a bit different than those I’ve previously written for “Why This, Not That.” Rather than contrast the two mentioned subjects to determine which might be a better choice, this post will cover why obesogens may play a large role in preventing us from shedding excess pounds over a lack of willpower.

With the New Year upon us, many will be thinking about losing some weight or improving overall health in 2019.

Shedding excess pounds can prove challenging, and the struggle is seldom as easy as having the willpower to eat fewer calories and exercise more each day. Why is this?

The Standard American Diet (SAD) has changed significantly over the past several decades, as the processed-food industry and industrial agriculture have altered the way American’s eat today.

Americans eat out at restaurants more frequently now and turn to convenience foods when preparing meals at home, which lend to a daily diet of highly processed food items that are now associated with obesity and many chronic illnesses.