-Root Cause versus Symptom Management -

When we suffer from an illness, our first thought may be of the pain, nausea, fever, dizziness or even difficulty breathing that the disease brings about in the body. These signs and symptoms cause discomfort and a realization that disease is present.

When we feel unwell, we may work on alleviating the discomfort such as the pain, nausea or fever. However, something is causing the body to react in these ways, and “treating” the symptom alone will not correct the underlying problem.

When signs and symptoms get treated, and the underlying problem is left to worsen, chronic disease conditions can occur. So, what can be done to prevent an acute disease from becoming a chronic condition? Let’s take a look at two varying methods of treating disease today…

Root Cause of Disease

Functional Medicine, according to the Oxford Dictionary, is the medical practice or treatment that focuses on optimizing the functioning of the body and organs in a holistic way (treating the whole person, body, mind, and spirit).