-Whole Food versus Processed Food-

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The majority of the food we eat today is very different than the food we ate several decades ago and vastly different than the food consumed a couple of hundred years ago, before the industrial revolution.

As our food industry grew and more products became available, we have had to distinguish or redefine food items. For example, food that people grow or raise to be consumed, like organic vegetables or grass-fed beef, we now call “whole food,” whereas in the not-so-distant past this would just have been called “food.”

Today, we have minimally processed foods (shelled nuts, bagged salad, or ground coffee beans), moderately processed foods (salad dressing, tomato sauces, and cake mixes), and highly-processed foods (frozen pizza, ice cream, and soft drinks/soda).

Since the majority of Americans consume foods purchased from a store rather than growing and raising our food, the question is, what type of food should we be purchasing and eating to support proper gro