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Tuna & White Bean Salad

A delicious, nutritious meal in moments

This dish can be the perfect light lunch, side, or can be taken to those summer potlucks when you don’t want to spend all day in the kitchen, but still want to eat healthfully.

And, it all comes together quickly as we open up a few cans, chop up a few veggies, and mix up a healthy, nutrient-dense dressing.

A few health benefits of this dish

Tuna is a low-calorie, inexpensive source of protein, when packed in water, that can promote satiety and a healthy weight (3). Canned water-packed tuna also contains a type of omega-3 fatty acid called docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), necessary for brain and eye health (2). As a good source of vitamin D, tuna promotes the growth and development of healthy bones and teeth, regulation of the immune system, and supports muscle function and brain cell activity (4) (5) (6).

White beans, an excellent source of fiber, are supportive of a healthy microbiome and are a good source of protein and essential nutrients like vitamins B6 and B9 (folate) as well as magnesium (1). The body uses vitamin B6 for brain development, to make genetic building blocks (DNA) and neurotransmitters, and to build hemoglobin for proper oxygen delivery throughout the body (7). Vitamin B9 is important for protein metabolism, red blood cell development, and DNA formation (8). Magnesium is involved in hundreds of enzyme systems in the body that regulate reactions for things like protein synthesis, blood glucose control, and muscle and nerve function (9).

Tuna & White Bean Salad Recipe:


10-ounce Tuna (canned in water, not drained, break into chunks)

15 ½ ounce Great Northern beans (canned, drained, and rinsed)

¼ cup olives (sliced)

¼ cup grape tomatoes (quartered)

½ small red onion (sliced)

4 cups romaine lettuce, shredded

¼ cup Feta cheese, crumbled

½ tbsp. extra virgin olive oil

½ tbsp. lemon juice

herbs of choice like parsley, oregano, and thyme.

sea salt and black pepper to taste

Optional: serve with avocado slices

In a large bowl combine the tuna, beans, olives, tomatoes, onion, and feta cheese. Toss to combine.
Combine the EVOO, lemon juice, herbs, and seasoning in a glass jar with a lid, and shake to combine.
When ready to serve, mix the EVOO dressing with the tuna and bean salad and serve over a bed of lettuce. (Serves 2-4)

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